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The Ugly Fruit Group is a social enterprise founded as an Enactus project by students at Durham University in 2019. Through our three pillars, Reusing, Donating and Educating we aim further our philosophy of fighting hunger by reducing food waste.

Fruit and vegetables destined for the waste bin are donated by local wholesalers and supermarkets. The ripest produce, which needs to be used as soon as possible, is preserved using traditional methods and turned into delicious fruity snacks. These are then sold to you guys! All the money raised goes to maintaining and growing our project.


The best quality fruit and vegetables we receive are donated in weekly food boxes to those in our local area who need it most. This is done through our partnerships with local food banks. All the produce we receive can be stored and transported.


Through our social media and university stalls we aim to change the perception of how food should look. We teach people how to cook and eat products that are riper and less aesthetic than usual. We believe all fruit and vegetables are delicious, no matter how different they look!


So far we have...



of fruit and veg.



of CO2 emmissions



families/week with 5-a-day 



Now more than ever before there is an inconsistency in the food ecosystem: over 800 million people world-wide go to bed hungry everyday, yet food waste is reaching unprecedented levels. The situation in the UK can be summarised by these 5 facts:

Food waste from Europe and the USA alone could solve world hunger four times over. Not only is food waste damaging to the environment as more trees are cut down for farmland and more water is used in food production, but it is also damaging for developing countries. Increased demand for food drives world prices up.


In the UK

of fruit and veg is thrown away.

data taken from a WRAP 2012 publication 


Almost 45% of food waste happens before the food even reaches stores. For example, due to food specifications, if a red onion is below 40 mm in diameter it will not be sold. Here at The Ugly Fruit Group we believe that all fruit and vegetables are delicious regardless of how different they are! 

of fruit and veg is wasted on aesthetics alone.

In the UK

data taken from a WRAP 2012 publication 


 Families' reliance on food banks has increased: families are  returning to food banks 10-15 times a row compared to an average of just 2-3 times two years ago.

In the UK

of families used a food bank in 2019.

data taken from Statista.


Severe food insecurity means that families are unable to provide the required nutrition for children without extra support. This percentage makes the UK one of the worst ranked developed countries worldwide.

In the UK

of children live in severe food insecurity.

data from a UNICEF study published in 2017


This is because food banks offer little to no fresh fruit and vegetables. That's where we come in!

Food bank parcels provide almost

less than the recomended amount of vit. A,C, D and E.

data  from a 2018 report by the Trussel Trust



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Do you have a large amount of fruit or vegetables you'd like to donate? Or are you interested in finding out more about our project?