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Indian Spiced Roast Veg

These roasted veggies are a great pairing with any curry or as an alternative to rice. The vegetables that you choose for this recipe are completely optional too - you could add broccoli, parsnips, paneer or chickpeas/peas! Serves 4.


- 800g potatoes

- 1-2 onions, red or white

- 1 whole cauliflower

- 1 carrot

- 3 tbsp. korma/tikka paste

- Cumin seeds/turmeric/curry powder (optional)

- Coriander to finish (optional)



1) Preheat the oven to 180ºC.

2) Chop all of the vegetables into roughly equal sizes and place in a large roasting tray.

3) Cover in oil, the curry paste, and any extra spices. Mix thoroughly so that all of the veg is coated - add some more curry paste if you want a stronger flavour. Season with salt and pepper, then place in the tray in the oven.

4) Cook for approximately 1 hour or until the vegetables are fully cooked through, and crispy on the outside. Halfway through cooking, mix the vegetables in the pan to turn them over.

5) Serve with some coriander, and enjoy!

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